Monsterous Types


A great chasm exists in the southern area of Ryvina, and from it any number of abominations can emerge. The most notable in memory being the great blue dragon Kazavon who rallied the orc tribes of the Varsding mountains and led them on a campaign toward the very walls of Belkos, necessitating that the High King himself take action. Some say that the giant skull of the dragon decorates the King’s library, but no one has actually confirmed this.

Though relatively peaceful and civilized Ryvina hosts a wide variety of threats. Though it is by no means a clockwork thing every other generation or so (40-75 years) there is a great goblin resurgence necessitating the maintenance of a standing army. Town raids happen, farms are razed from time to time.

Necromancy is rare. Though many a child’s story talks of corpses rising from the grave or blood drinking horrors stalking the night virtually no one has actually SEEN such things.


Monsterous Types

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