Welcome to Ryvina…

Geography: In terms of size the continent is roughly 1,500 × 1,5000 miles (U.S. is 3k x 1.5k for comparison purposes) and all manner of terrain from high alpine peaks to swamp and desert can be found upon it. It is temperate rather than tropical.

History: Though each race and region has its own unique history the oldest of them date back only two thousand years. The dwarves claim that a great cataclysm shook the earth, and all life and culture prior to this was lost. Elves claim some blight spread over the land and all fell into ruin. Gnomish tales are even more outlandish, a unnatural sleep claimed everyone upon Ryvina at the same time and all now exists in a dream world, several conspiracy plots, and a great sickness who’s by-proudct was amnesia are all mentioned.

Politics: High King Andras, though he looks human has ruled for just over a thousand years, there has been a rare rebellion now and a again but he is by in large well liked and respected, ruling from the capital city of Belkos. Though he was married long ago the King has no heirs, a fact which makes some nervous. He makes few public appearances outside the capital. There are a multitude of noble families scattered through the various regions.

Religion: Though some would be inclined to worship the High King he has never encouraged this practice, deflecting and insisting that they instead give thanks to the land which sustains them. There are tales of the old gods but almost everyone agrees that those are merely tales and those who believe them admit that the gods are long gone from the world. Clerics and paladins are uncommon but not unheard of by any means, gaining power from their ideals or even more rarely some inborn gift.

Magic: A rather new and exciting field of study for the people of Ryvina. Only in the last 500 years or so has it really taken off, with actual schools dedicated to the craft popping up. There are places on the continent that have little or no exposure to such things making even simple cantrips rather wondrous there; while it is a part of everyday life in areas like Jerrah. Though a precise map has never been made it is well established that magic … fluctuates based upon what area you’re in (ranging from an almost magic null zone to places where spells are naturally empowered). There is some ongoing debate as to if the variants themselves fluctuate based upon outside factors or if they themselves are constant.


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